In-Home MUSIC THERAPY & Music Lessons

Hug Music provides in-home music therapy and music lessons in most of Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Our teachers and therapists have very high qualifications and experience. To register, please contact us or call us at 718-487-4309.


Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to provide a safe and private space where lessons can take place. It does not need to be a separate room, but the space has to provide an environment where students can focus and fully attend. Please remove any objects that may be harmful and/or distracting the students.

What do I need to provide for in-home music lessons or music therapy sessions?


If you are taking piano lessons, you will need to provide an acoustic piano or decent electric piano with touch sensitive feature (weighted keys) with a stand and chairs for the student and the teacher. If you are taking guitar or ukulele lessons, you need to have your own guitar or ukulele.

If you are taking music therapy sessions, the therapist will bring instruments, props, and a guitar. If you would like your child to also learn instruments, you will need to provide them.

If you need suggestions and recommendations on which brand, model, or size to buy, please contact us.

Do I need to provide instruments?


How do I get started?

Please start with our starter’s package which includes 5 sessions. This will give the student enough time to get to know the teacher or therapist. The therapist or teacher will also assess the student’s learning style, strengths, interests, and preferences in order to tailor session content. Hug Music emphasizes the importance of customizing the contents of the session to each student in order to bring the best out of our students. Our instructors and therapists carefully observe students and we usually start to see great progress after 2-3 sessions.


What is the cost for sessions?

The rates for in-home music lessons and music therapy sessions are different than for studio-based sessions. Please contact us to inquire about rates. 718-487-4309 or


What if I need to cancel a session?

We request that students inform the instructor or therapist of your cancellation at least 24 hours before the session. Your therapist or instructor will tell you their cancelation policy prior to the first session.


Is there a student recital?

Yes! Hug Music hosts recitals twice a year. We typically host a December recital for students taking music lessons and a June recital for students taking music therapy sessions.


To register, please contact us or call us at 718-487-4309

Kana has helped my son, E, in numerous ways in the four years that he has taken piano lessons with her and first began his formal music education. Kana challenges Ellis with kindness and patience to work hard and do his best, leading him to take pride in what he has accomplished. Kana’s encouragement has helped my son grow in confidence as a musician so that he now often enjoys making up his own pieces and singing along with them. He is now always eager to perform at every opportunity, whether for a talent show at school or camp or just to entertain friends or family. My husband also takes piano lessons with Kana, realizing his lifelong dream of learning to play the piano. Thanks to Kana, my husband and son can now play duets together, whether just relaxing at home or at one of the recitals that Kana organizes, and it fills my heart with such happiness!
— Eileen, mother of E and husband of R, who are both students