Outreach programs

Music therapy & Music classes at your facility

Hug Music’s outreach program provides music therapy sessions & music classes at your facility. We offer services at daycares, nursery schools, special ed schools, elementary schools, and after-school programs. Please contact us for more details. 718-487-4309 or contact@hugmusicny.com

Birthday Parties

Hug Music provides fun music experiences for children at birthday parties. Contact us for rates and availability. 718-487-4309 or contact@hugmusicny.com

Workshop, Lecture, and Seminar

Ms. Kana and Mr.Sasha, directors of Hug Music, provide workshops, lectures, and seminars at your facility.

Contact us for more information. 718-487-4309 or contact@hugmusicny.com

Topics include:

  • Early childhood music Ex: Early childhood music training, workshop and lecture

  • Music therapy and special education Ex: Music therapy for children with ASD

  • Early childhood education Ex: How to utilize and introduce music in your classroom

  • Teacher training Ex. Music teacher training, Special Ed teacher training

Past experiences include:

  • Lecture: “Utilizing the Power of Music in the Classroom for K-2”, The City University of New York (CUNY), NY

  • Presentation: “Blending Music Therapy into Music Education: Customized music lessons for children with learning disability”, Autism Speaks and Sings Symposium, Berklee College of Music, Boston

  • 2-Day Workshop: “Collaborating Music Education and Therapy: Music For Children with Special Needs”, Kohn Kaen, Thailand

  • Presentation: Music therapy Case Studies, FoHi Wellness, Net-working event for parents & caregivers of children with special needs, Flushing, NY.

Presentation at Autism Speaks and Sings Symposium

Presentation at Autism Speaks and Sings Symposium

Workshop & Lecture at CUNY

Workshop & Lecture at CUNY

Workshop & Lecture at CUNY

Workshop & Lecture at CUNY