Music therapy private session: How to get started?


5-week evaluation package for new students

Many parents wonder if their children would like our music therapy program and often wish to try few sessions to see how their children respond. Therefore, we have created a “5-week evaluation package” which includes: two 15-minute phone consultations with a therapist (before the 1st session and after the 4th session), a 30-minute initial assessment, four 30-minute weekly music therapy sessions, as well as a written report of evaluation. These 5 sessions will give enough time for both parents and our music therapists to evaluate the effectiveness of the music programs, determine approaches, and individualize instruction.

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  1. Enroll your child for the 5-week evaluation package and secure your child’s session slot.

  2. Prior to the 1st session: Initial phone consultation (15-20 minutes) with the therapist.

  3. Week 1: An assessment session (30 minutes)

  4. Week 2-5: Once a week 30-minute music therapy sessions

  5. After 4th session: 2nd phone consultation with the therapist to share observations and discuss and determine next steps and appropriate direction.

  6. A written report will be given to the parent after completion of the 5 weeks

The cost for this package is $340. There is a one-time registration fee ($40) which applies to new students.

Free 15-minute phone consultation

If you need more guidance, please request a free 15 minute phone consultation or in-person meeting with Ms.Kana, director of Hug Music and experienced music therapist.

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For Music Therapy Social Skills Group, we offer a paid trial session ($40) upon your request and based on availability. Please contact us at 718-487-4309 or to request and reserve your child’s spot.