Music Lessons: how to get started?

Private lessons: For new students who are interested in enrolling private lessons (Hug Melody Solo, piano, ukulele, guitar, voice and songwriting), a 5-week package is available. Once the student completes the package, the student can register for the semester. *Tuition will be prorated based on the number of the session remaining in the semester.

Hug Melody® Duo : For new students who are interested in enrolling Hug Melody® Duo class, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact us to let us know you are interested in enrolling for Hug Melody® Duo class. Please provide your child’s information as well as preferred time and day for lesson.

  2. If you know a child who may want to sign up with your child, please let us know and have the parent of the child contact us to register. Your child’s partner should be around the same age.

  3. If you would like us to look for a partner for your child, please notify us as soon as possible. It may take a while for us to find a partner if the semester has already started due to limited availability. It is the best if you let us know of your interest 1-2 months prior new semester begins as we get many inquiries about duo class around that time and it is easier to find a partner for your child. The best timing to contact us is in May for Summer semester; in June/July for Fall semester, and in December/January for Spring semester.

  4. Once your child has a partner, you can proceed and complete the registration.

  5. If we are not able to find a partner, we will place you on the waitlist or you may consider enrolling Hug Melody® Solo.

Please note there is no trial session for Hug Melody® Duo. However, you can setup a free 15-minute demo session with Ms.Kana, director of Hug Music who is a founder of Hug Melody® curriculum. Your child can get a sense of how the class looks like and the director will assess the child’s learning style and musical strengths which will help us find the best match for your child. (*Due to high demand, demo class is currently waitlisted. However, we offer a phone consultation to determine the readiness of your child for the class). Please contact us to setup the demo session. 718-487-4309 or

To register, please call us at 718-487-4309 or contact us

Since my boys started music lessons at Hug Music, their love for music has grown tremendously. Hug Music’s class promotes not only music, but also self-esteem and confidence. Their creative ways to teach music has inspired my boys to explore new music, new melodies, new sounds and love for the stage!! Every week, the boys are excited to learn something new and they are happy to be part of Kana’s music program.
— L., a mother of two children