We so love Hug Music and the profound and positive impact you have both had upon E’s development, and ours as her parents! We appreciate your class tremendously and value your time, your expertise and kindness.
— Emily, an early childhood educator and mother of a 2-year-old

Hug melody® - Enrollment information

Class description and schedule

Hug Melody® 1 : 6 to 20 months old . . .

Even from the earliest stage of development, infants are stimulated and soothed by music. Babies join Hug Me with their parents or caregivers and participate in simple, fun, and nurturing music activities. The group focuses on raising children's awareness of themselves and others, helping them bond with their caregivers, and promoting healthy growth. In addition, this is also a time for moms and dads to feel relaxed, be themselves, and simply have fun with their little ones. Each class consists of up to 6 children and their caregivers.

  • Thursday 9:15-10am
  • Saturday 9:15-10am

Hug Melody® 2 : 21 to 35 months old . . .

For young toddlers, music can play an important role in their lives. Hug Melody provides opportunities for them to explore themselves and the world around them through active music making, listening, and singing. Each class consists of two teachers and up to 6 children. The class is focused on nurturing children’s innate musical abilities and enhancing important life skills, such as communication, social, and cognitive skills, as well as introducing very basic concepts of music. Activities include: singing, playing instruments, movement to music, and music games for basic music theory with an accompaniment of live music throughout.

  • Wednesday 9:15-10am
  • Thursday 10:15-11am
  • Saturday 10:15-11am
  • Saturday 11:15-12pm

Hug Melody® 2 mix : 15 to 35 motnhs old / 20 to 48 months old . . .

These classes follow the basic structure of Hug Melody® 2 with more flexibility for slightly wider age range. Mixed-age group provides children various benefits including communicating with and learning from children who are younger or older than themselves. Two age groups provided: 15-35 months old & 20 months to 4 years old.

  • Wednesday 11:15-12pm
  • Thursday 11:15-12pm

Hug Melody® 3 : 3 to 4 years old . . .

Toddlers in this age group are ready to take a further step and start learning music and how to play instruments. This is an introductory class for private instruction which combines music instruction, enjoyable music activities, and learning music theory through games. Students are given opportunities to play an instrument while expanding innate musical abilities, developing creativity, and furthering their love for music. This class also gives parents insight as to which instrument will better suit their child. A caregiver may sit in with the child if it helps the child’s participation.

  • Wednesday 10:15-11am
  • Saturday 1:15-2pm

Enrollment information

Schedule . . .

Each term includes 9 sessions. Class schedule is listed in the class description above.

  • Fall '18 semester
    • Term 1: Sep 4 – Nov 3
    • Term 2: Nov 7 –Jan 19 (No class 11/21-26, 12/23-1/1/19)
  • Spring '19 semester
    • Term 1: Jan 30 – April 27 (No class 2/17-25, 4/1-4/20)
    • Term 2: May 1 –June 29

Tuition . . .

$270 per child per term (9 sessions). There is a one-time registration fee ($40) which applies to new students. Registration fee is non-refundable. If the child is registered for both terms (term 1 and 2: 18 weeks) during the promotional period, a $20 discount applies to the total. We accept cash, check and credit cards.

Trial class . . .

A paid trial class ($30) is available upon your request based on availability. To reserve your spot, please call us at 718-487-4309. If there is no available seat for your trial, we will place you on a waitlist. Trial class is very popular and thus we recommend you to plan your trial class ahead of time.

The small class size enables my child to receive full attention and interact with the teachers.
— anonymus
Hug Music makes my shy little boy so much more outgoing and happier! He gives me big smiles whenever I sing the Hug Melody songs at home. We are all so happy with the classes.
— NC, mother of a 7-month-old boy

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